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Family owned and operated Lien Experts with over 50 years combined experience. We assist Tow Companies, Automotive Repair Garages, Self-Storage Facilities, and Private Property Owners to obtain certified liens for all types of vehicles, vessels, trailers, RV's and motorcycles throughout the State of California. NO hidden fees or extra charges! NO extra charge for each interested party notified! Online lien packet available same day after 3pm and FREE DUPLICATE LIEN PACKETS FROM OUR ONLINE SYSTEM!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The type of lien is determined by what the current value of the vehicle is as it sits today. If it is under $4000 then you choose an under $4000 lien and if it is over $4000 then you choose an over $4000 lien.

Please note that if you submit the request as an under $4000 lien that at the end of the lien process you will not be able to sell for more than $4000. If you do sell for more than $4000 any extra money must be forfeited to the California DMV.

Go to our online website portal and log in to order new liens and print duplicates of previously done online orders. If you need assistance setting up your online account please give us a call.

No, the lien is void. Liens are possessionary and if you do not have possession of the vehicle the lien is void.

Yes, if you lose your stapled lien packet we can send you a duplicate copy, for a fee. However, If you ordered your lien online, you could print duplicate copies of the lien packet at no charge anytime you need one 24/7.

On the date of the sale someone must stand by the vehicle from 9 am – 10 am to see if anyone shows up to pay and claim the vehicle. Once 10 am passes and if no one claimed the vehicle you may sell it or take the packet to DMV to transfer into the name listed on the lien sale packet. If you wish to get a title in your name you must take the packet to DMV to complete the process. Just because a sale date has passed it does not automatically mean you will not be listed as the owner. The packet must be turned in to complete the process.

Hold onto the stapled lien packet(s) until the sale date listed on the first page of the lien packet next to certificate of sale. Do not un-staple the lien packet.

No, Liens are processed on vehicles that have been abandoned on your property.

Generally speaking the lien process takes from 31 to 41 days. However, over $4000 liens are taking a bit longer lately due covid delays from the DMV. They are taking up to 6 months.

Contact us if you have any other questions.